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Marine research is not new to the Red Sea, universities and individuals have been completing expeditions to study and collect data since the early 1980’s, what has been lacking until recent times was the opportunity for individuals with the same keen interests to have somewhere to quench their thirst for knowledge and understanding.

The Open Ocean Science Centres have two research centres located at Dahab and El Quseir, in Egypt. Dahab is on the Gulf of Aqaba and is heavily influenced by the Great Rift Valley while El Quseir is centred on the African coast of the main Red Sea body.

With both locations, there are opportunities to monitor and study fringing reefs, sea grass meadows, mangroves, fossil reefs and much more yet they offer completely different environments with endemic species and microcosms of typical Red Sea activities.

The centres offer a range of facilities and services for individual researchers, universities, school groups and anyone with an interest in the marine environment. Facilities include modern indoor and outdoor wet labs with fresh and seawater supply, spacious classrooms and several outdoor study areas.

OOSC offers excursions and courses in marine biology for students, school children and divers alike. OOSC is also actively engaged in various environmental projects to protect what we love, the Red Sea!

If you are interested in either learning a little more about the Red Sea and Marine Biology in general or helping to protect the reefs and the environment with community projects, then come and join the motivated and passionate team at Open Ocean Science Centres.

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